After Flash Sale | What do we left?

After Flash Sale | What do we left?

Jun 29, 2021, 08:00:00

Available at 10:00 AM 06/17 – 03:00 AM 06/19, we did a lot of activities. Have you all participated?

Firstly new customers can get an i3E for free once they register an account and get a free multitool after they login. Four hours after flash sale started, the i3E were out of stock. At the flash sale time, some customers encountered payment problem, our CS specialist sent payment link in time. In addition, those who buy Baldr RL Mini Desert Tan we prepare additional surprising gifts for them.

Secondly our facebook group hold “Father’s Day Giveaways” event at June 17, only if you comment with picture of Olight item at the post below and the free obulb you might win. At last, there is a lucky present to get it.

Last we also have a lottery at newsletter, the award winner list posts at Giveaway Page. The first prize is Baton Pro Black, the second prize is Open2 Black, the third prize is Obulb Grey, let’s congrats the winners.

We really happy that two months no flash sale, there are still so many customers support us, sincerely thankful. On facebook group we received some comment, it was some customers miss the June flash sale, but don’t warried, the next Flash Sale is already in the works. It’s helpful to us that you sent post about your feeling on facebook group or on Instagram with hashtag or @ us, comment below our post about your feedback. Pls stay tuned to our official account and actively participate in our event post.

Back to the topic, what do we left? It’s the news of next promotion.

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