Always Feel That an Olight flashlight Is Missing in the Collection?

Always Feel That an Olight flashlight Is Missing in the Collection?

Jun 30, 2021, 08:00:00


Why do we always feel that way? Let’s analyze it carefully with these pictures first.

Have you find the answer from those pictures? All of them come from hashtag edc (every day carry) in Instagram. In fact, just like clothes, we will according different occasion to choose what color clothes and what type of clothes do we wear. As well as the edc equipment, when we just go outside, we mostly take keys in silver and Olight Baton 3 Kit Premium Edition in red to match. Others might prefer taking metal grey keys, knife, compass, Olight Open2, Olight S2R Baton II and Olight i5T EOS to match. Others might take Olight Warrior Mini Spring and colorful knife to match, when they go on spring outing. There is grass green color edc to match, cool black color edc to match, gorgeous purple color edc to match and so on.

As the saying goes, colorful makes my day. Thus, it’s normal that always feel missing an Olight flashlight in the collection. Now let’s see the other pictures.


For collection fevers or even ordinary people, put different Olight flashlight model in same color together or put same Olight flashlight model in different color together, or even just different Olight flashlight models being put together, it comes comfort feeling for them. It comes beautiful color art for “OCD”.

Look! How irresistible Olight flashlight is! Especially the Marauder 2, possesses four colors, black, blue, orange, desert tan. I always consider the Marauder 2 is the must-have flashlight, regardless the total size or the gorgeous design makes the entire control operation can be completed with one hand. I have to say silicone body surface makes you experience good firm grip. It weighs 750g (Including Batteries) as much as 5 apples.


Speaking of which, Obulb did as well as Marauder 2. Why do we say that? Obulb always lighting by your side, shines for a good family time, and explores more fun. Available in 7 colors to match your room or outdoor gear. The Obulb only measures 2.13in in diameter and 55g in weight, it is slightly heavier and bigger than an egg! Convenient for one-hand hold and easy to carry around. It can be a pool light, it can float and possesses IPX7 waterproof. It shines really like a star in the sky. It is like a shinning bell on the trees. In a word, Obulb brings more fun.


When it comes to collect, Olight Warrior Mini Four Seasons & Eternal is must-collect series. Enjoy these photos first.



To create these premium limited-edition Warrior Mini lights, we added the spirit of warriors to inspire strength and good deeds. This includes the warrior of spring, summer, autumn, winter, and eternity which stands for freedom, courage, honor, peace, and love, respectively. The Warrior Mini serves as a superior EDC light outdoors, a powerful light on duty, and a handy tool for self-defense.

Thus, we always feel that an Olight flashlight is missing in the collection, it’s normal feeling.


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