2022 Christmas in July

2022 Christmas in July

Jul 21, 2022, 14:00:00

2022 Winter Sale

July 25th 20:00 —— July 30th 08:00

July 24th 20:00 VIP Early Access

With Christmas around the corner, are you ready for your Christmas list? If you haven't started yet, don't worry, we've got some new products for you!

1.Olantern Classic 2 Pro/Lite

Olantern Classic 2 Pro is a rechargeable LED lantern with retro style. One full charge, use for one.18Wh Type-C plus MCC two charging modes, 4 hours full mobile power function, not only to meet the fast charging function, but also with Olight elements.What’s more, it processes a mobile power output function, 18Wh external discharge, a full charge can be full of 3 Iphone 13 Pro, solve the problem of emergency charging of cell phones and other products. By rotating the stepless-dimming knob, two LED modules can easily switched between soft orange or warm white color.

Olantern Classic 2 Lite batteries version is a portable lantern. The biggest difference between it and Olantern Classic 2 Pro is the battery function. Vintage design with considerable details, this light is a necessity for power outages and backyard get-togethers.

2.Warrior 3 S Five Elements

The Warrior 3S’ 5 elements represent natural elements, which can give you spiritual strength. New design brings a touch style to your gear without compromising performance.

"Fire/Air/Water/Earth Element" is made of titanium alloy and their surface have been sandblasted. The process of preventing discoloration makes the torches have more exquisite and retro appearance.

"The Fifth element" is represented by our timeless copper material. A symbol of positive energy. With the ability to clear out any surrounding negative energies and endow you with strong spiritual strength.They not only possess collection value but also have an immense range of practical functions.

3.Obulb Pro Multi-color Light

Obulb Pro is the first Olight device to support Olight app,which allows you to control it from your phone to fully enjoy the light. Its mode, brightness level, and colour can be changed with the app and the remaining power and runtime can be monitored. Interestingly, you can turn on/off in groups and share the QR code with companions, so they can control Obulb Pro with you. More useful and fun features will be added to the app in the future. With the app control enabled, Obulb Pro also marks a new beginning for us in the smart home lighting space.


Tiny,magnetic and instant, imini provides convenience when you need a light in hurry.


With strong and durable G10 handle and excellent blade, Retel will puncture hard objects without snapping and stay solid for defending against attacks. The low-friction ball-bearing system enables fast and smooth deployment of the blade. Oknife Ratel will be a nice companion for piercing tasks and self-defense.

6.Warrior x 3 Desert Tan Torch

Desert Tan color gives people a strong and composed feel.The biggest feature of Warrior X 3 is that the steel strike bezel is embeded with 3 zirconium beads to instantly shatter glass in an emergency. Super rugged Warrior X 3 is perfect for law enforcement, search & rescue, and night-time patrol!

7.Baton 3 Stainless Steel Pocket Light

Stainless Steel is designed to meet Ofan's calling. Baton 3 equipped with high performance LED and TIR lens for a soft and balanced beam. This extremely compact light delivers an incredible maximum beam of 1200 lumens and 166 meters.

8.i3T EOS Polished Sitainless Steel Flashlight

i3T EOS Polished Stainless Steel is dual output slim EDC torch, of which features a double helix milling pattern resembling DNA that not only enhances grip but gives your light a unique style.

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