May| Feedback on Customers' Suggestions

May| Feedback on Customers' Suggestions

Jun 13, 2022, 09:00:00

Feedback on Customers Olight has always been a customeroriented company. We will always be open to fans suggestions on improving our products and services.

About logistics

We have changed our logistics company to RAM to improve logistics time, and all orders placed during the May sale were shipped within two working days.

About the VIP redemption area

We asked for our fans suggestions on Facebook Group and added our fans‘ favourite products to the VIP redemption area.

About the price

In recent months, we have adjusted the price of new products according to market exchange rate fluctuations. We believe you have noticed.

About the group's giveaway

In response to fans' requests to make the Facebook group Giveaway more interesting, the Facebook group Giveaway during May asked several of our fans for their opinions before it was held, so did you participate in this event? What do you think of this giveaway?

About the warranty

We have wanted our South African staff to say that after June if a fan sends us a video that has confirmed that the product has been damaged and that we are not capable of fixing it, you can contact the Olight headquarters for your replacement, but it is worth noting Olight Chinese team immediately and if it is a high lumen product that you need to send it back, in order to avoid any accident that could cause your harm, we want to make sure that you cannot use this already damaged product, again.

And we will update our warranty rules around the end of June.

Opinions and Suggestions are welcomed

We sincerely invite all of you to join in and follow our improvements. We welcome any opinions and suggestions, simply send us an email at or contact any Olight representative on Olight’s official social media platforms. We will follow listen to your suggestions, and implement improvements.

Let’s conquer the darkness and proudly light up the world anytime, anywhere!

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