New Release | 【H05S】New Release - H05S Lightweight & No-Touch Wave Control

New Release | 【H05S】New Release - H05S Lightweight & No-Touch Wave Control

Jun 21, 2022, 09:00:00

The H05S headlamp has been designed to be lightweight and user friendly. Weighing only 67.5 grams, batteries & strap included. Fitted with a nylon headband for soft & comfortable wearing.

White Light + Red LED:

The H05S headlamp has 5 different light settings, which delivers a max output of 200 lumens and 60 meter beam distance. More than sufficient for everyday tasks. Equipped with a low lumen red LED for outdoor use, search and rescue, and many other scenarios.

The H05S has an easy to use button operation. Double press to switch between white and red lights. Single press to switch white light brightness to low, medium or high, or red LED to always on or flash mode.

No-touch wave control. Intelligent & Convenient:

The H05S headlamp has a built-in infrared sensor. Which allows for operating without touching the headlamp itself. Easy on & off by a simple wave of the hand. Suitable for multiple night time activities like running, camping, fishing, etc.

Note: When headlamp is on, press and hold switch for more than 1 second to change between white & red modes. Headlamp will flash once when the change has happened.

Runtime: 35 Hours + Low Battery Indicator

Powered by only two AA batteries, which are economical and easy to obtain & replace. With 20hours runtime on low white light and 35hours on red LED. The built-in low battery indicator will flash red twice every 10seconds to remind the user when batteries need to be replaced.

Technical Details

Package Contents

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