PL Light Brief Introduction

PL Light Brief Introduction

May 25, 2022, 08:00:00

A tactical light is a flashlight used with PL to assist users in identifying targets in low-light environments, law enforcement officers or soldiers to aim their PL at the target. The tactical light can be hand-held or mounted on the PL, and the light source is parallel to the barrel of the PL. Tactical lights also function as non-lethal force, temporarily blinding and disorienting the target, or as a baton in the case of the large metal Maglite with 1 (D) dry battery for police use. Features particularly relevant to tactical lights include impact resistance, reliability, lightweight construction, and a strong and long-lasting battery as well as light intensity. Tactical lights can be fitted with optional filters to produce colored light (eg, red light, to protect the user's night vision goggles), or light heads that emit only infrared radiation and are used with night vision goggles. Aiming laser functionality can also be added to PL-mounted tactical lights.

Greatest PL Light Features

Some features that you may want on your PL lighting are a counter flashlight mount, a fast release PL light, tactical PL mild laser combos, or even a PL light using a pressure change.

The top manufacturers earn their rail mounted flashlights to match on each kind of railing, which can be called gas rail mounts. For handPL which don't own a dedicated railroad, there are businesses which have made add-on railings that connect into the trigger guard so that you may match PIC rail lights or weaver railing lights.

Offset PL Lighting Mount: A counter PL light mount is a bracket that holds the flashlight off to the side of the handPL instead of directly beneath the barrel. An offset mount enables you to get your thumb directly near the on/off switch and frees up space beneath the barrel.

Quick Release PL Light: A quick release PL light are for all those users that will be carrying their lights on and off of their handPL frequently.

Tactical PL Lighting Laser Combo: A tactical PL light laser combo are for individuals that really feel they need both on their PL, a PL lighting for lighting, and a laser for planning.

PL Light Pressure Switch: A PL mild pressure switch permits you to move the on/off switch on the light wherever you feel is your most comfortable. You substitute the tail cap switch with a pressure switch that you are able to locate anywhere on your PL.

Olight Best Selling PL light

Baldr Mini

The BALDR Mini is an ultra-compact white light and green beam combo, integrating the compatibility of the PL-Mini 2 and the accuracy of the BALDR Pro. Two types of rail adapters are provided to fit both Glock and PIC rails. Featuring an adjustable sliding rail, the light can be easily adjusted forward and backward into the position that suits you the best. Though at a compact form factor, it delivers 600 lumens of bright white light, along with a highly visible green beam for greater accuracy. You can select between white light, green beam, or green beam & white light combined. The BALDR Mini is powered by a built-in lithium polymer battery, which can be charged through our signature magnetic charging port for extended runtime. The quick attachment and release mount and the slim switch make the BALDR Mini extremely easy to manipulate for everyone.

Baldr S

Compatible with Glock and PIC rails, quick to attach or detach with its locking lever, the BALDR S is designed to fit compact PL. Its sliding rail mount makes it adaptable to any length of handPL and its combination of white LED and green laser makes it one of the most powerful and compact handPL lights on the market. Its white beam has two levels of illumination: the super-powerful high level reaches 800 lumens while the low level of 100 lumens gives you a comfortable lighting experience. Its lever clamp and laser adjustment screws allow you to effectively secure the light and adjust its green laser to maintain an effective tool despite recoil.Its built-in 380mAh lithium-polymer battery provides up to 140 minutes of runtime. And with its dedicated MCC magnetic charging cable, it can be quickly recharged via multiple USB sockets.Perfectly suited for short barrels, it will be ideal for discreet carry!

Olight launched the Baldr S BL in May. The Baldr S BL follows the excellent features of the Baldr S while improving standby time and changing the colour of the laser, providing Olight fans with more options, while also being cheaper than the Bladr S, making it the most cost effective product!

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