Buying Guide | the List of June Flash Sale

Buying Guide | the List of June Flash Sale

Jun 15, 2021, 08:00:00

First of all, Happy Olightstore South Africa 1ST Anniversary. It is with joy that we celebrate the anniversary to prepared the flash sale on June for every customers. There is the list of must-buy item and grant discount product, pls check.


No.1 Baldr RL Mini is the new release product in this flash sale, which is the red beam version of the Baldr Mini. It is integrating the adjustable compatibility of the PL-Mini 2 and the accuracy of the Baldr RL. The flash sale price is R2,099.25, save R699.75 than original price. Desert Tan is the limited edition.


No.2 PL-Mini 2, the hot sale product every flash sale, this time we make PL-Mini 2 and I3UV EOS as the bundle product. PL-Mini 2 features high compatibility, quick attach/release mounting system, and huge performance. I3UV EOS is an extremely compact ultraviolet flashlight. This bundle totally up to 30% off, the flash sale price is only R1,888.6.


No.3 Javelot Turbo Kit is one of Olight’s best illumination tool for hunting or search and rescue. This time we pack the Javelot Turbo (batteries included) in a hard case, with ROD long coil wire magnetic remote switch, red filter, green filter, MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable, variable scope mount(figure 8 mount) and user manual. The flash sale price is R4,549.35, totally up to 35% off, save R2,449.65 than original price.


No.4 Marauder 2 desert tan color is also new release product in this time, as well as limited edition. The flashlight features a thermal sensor, a proximity sensor, and cooling fins to ensure safety in case of overheating and obstruction. Its upgraded USB-C charging port allows fast charging and reverse charging, and is shielded by a port cover resembling aperture blades. This time, we make its single product promotion and its bundle product promotion, the single price is up to 25% off, You can take Desert Tan home for only R6,524.25.


No.5 Tier gifts, in each flash sale, we always buy more and get more. So we did in this time, at the 1ST anniversary flash sale, the gifts is very attractive, but can not be stacked. Order over R1,999 you can get a free i1R 2 desert tan, which worth R499. Order over R4,999 you can get a free S1RⅡ orange, which worth R1,799. Order over R6,999 you can get a free PL-Mini 2 od green, which worth R2,299. Order over R7,999 you can get a free Baton3 kit red, which worth R2,699.


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