Clearance Sale is Finally Here!

Clearance Sale is Finally Here!

Jul 19, 2021, 08:00:00

Let’s see how much discount this time.


No.1 UP TO 50% OFF

It’s glad that Baldr Mini bundle product is 50% off. We put Baldr Mini and S1R 2 as a bundle product. The original price is up to R5,298! But this time is only R2,649. Besides, Bike Lights are on special offer, if you make the purchase at this Clearance Sale, we will give a 50% off.
Baldr Mini: 600-lumen output, 130-meter throw, green laser, quick attach/detach rail mount, free shipping
S1R 2: 1,000-lumen output, 145-meter throw, battery indicator, everyday carry
RN 120: 120-lumen output, 1,500-meter throw, smart motion sensor, rear bike light
RN 800: 800-lumen output, 137-meter throw, front bike light
ALLTY 2000: 2,000-lumen output, 165-meter throw, front bike light

No.2 UP TO 45% OFF

The PL-Pro, the Baldr RL bundle product, and the M2R Pro Warrior are 45% off. It is noteworthy that we set Baldr RL black and i5T purple as a bundle product, set Baldr RL desert tan and i3T black as an other bundle. No matter green laser pistol light or red laser pistol light you like, you can buy them in 45% off. There is the limited edition blue M2R Pro Warrior, which is only 2 stocks. First come, first served.
PL-Pro: 1,500-lumen output, 280-meter throw, rechargeable, Glock rail adapter, 1913 rail adapter, free shipping
Baldr RL: 1,120-lumen output, 240-meter throw, red laser, free shipping
M2R Pro: 1,800-lumen output, 300-meter throw, two switches, crenelated strike bezel, free shipping


No.3 UP TO 40% OFF

Warrior Mini has total 7 colors options and Warrior X Turbo has black and grey color to choose, up to 40% off, save morn than R1,359.6. Especially Warrior Mini Seasons & Eternal is finally on sale with 40% off (but there is no Summer edition). It’s good news for collection fevers, they can buy them all or just one. Always good reputation, I bet this Clearance Sale Warrior X Turbo is one of hot sale products. Voices for WXT are high.
Warrior Mini: 1,500-lumen output, 190-meter throw, two switches, rechargeable, everyday carry, free shipping
Warrior X Turbo: 1,100-lumen output, 1,000-meter throw, rechargeable, low-battery vibration, free shipping

No.4 UP TO 35% OFF

Such as headlamps, most of pistol lights and tactical lights are 35% off. We set 4 hours flash sale on headlamps from 10:00 AM – 02:00 PM 07/27. Just one day, everyone grabs the opportunity, don’t let it go. On the other side, pistol lights and tactical lights available at entire clearance sale during.
(Little quiz: Do you remember our Clearance Sale’s date? Let us know in the comments).
Perun Mini Kit: 1,000-lumen output, 100-meter throw, front switch, headlamp
Perun Kit: 2,000-lumen output, 120-meter throw, built-in sensor detects, headlamp
Array: 400-lumen output, 80-meter throw, battery indicator, 180° rotation, best for runner, headlamp
M1T: 800-lumen output, 122-meter throw, everyday carry

No.5 UP TO 20% OFF

Only Olantern, Obulb, Baton 3, X9R, Marauder 2 and batteries are 20% off. Exactly X9R, the first time, is on sale. It’s R14,879.2 cheaper than daily price R18,599. No matter what, X9R is always your options, isn’t it? For the batteries, there’re only 6 battery models. If you have no idea to choose and want to know more details about the batteries, pls click last blog “About Olight Batteries”.
Olantern: 360-lumen output, 80-hour runtime, battery indicator, rechargeable, 360° light distribution, camping light
Obulb: 55-lumen output, 56-hour runtime, magnetic bottom, rechargeable, 360° cozy illumination
Marauder 2: 14,000-lumen output, 800-meter throw, reverse charging, thermal sensor, battery indicator, spotlight and floodlight
X9R: 25,000-lumen output, 630-meter throw, proximity sensor, active thermal management system, power indication, super bright

Freebie Or Discount, I Want Them All.
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Rouxan Henning

You should really work on your add to cart buttons as it is very confusing sometimes, you dont know if the item has been added or not😁

Posted on: Sep 07, 2021, 17:47:56