Array series headlamp, which one will you choose?

Array series headlamp, which one will you choose?

Mar 17, 2022, 08:16:00

When your hands are climbing up when you climb the peak,

When you are running at night with a high concentration of energy and paying attention to the road conditions,

Do you still need to pull out a hand-held flashlight?

The experience of sports is greatly reduced!

At this moment, a headlamp with a light head and hands-free is essential:

Here I have to talk about the three hands-free headlamps that

OLIGHT launched grandly ARRAY、ARRAY 2 and ARRAY 2S

Let's talk about ARRAY first

The Array is an aluminum alloy-made headlamp designed for runners.

it is super compact and lightweight. The Array has a light source of two LEDs that provide either independent close-range beam or a close and far mixed beam. The built-in 2000mAh rechargeable Lipo battery is charged with Olight’s signature USB magnetic charging cable. The inserted red light-emitting ring of battery pack will be open in synchronization with the headlamp, which is visible in the dark and provides a safety guarantee. The Array is a headlamp that offers convenient and comfort to all users

Then talk about ARRAY 2

Array 2 is a compact and easy-to-use headlamp.The lumen output it provides is 3 white light levels and SOS mode from 100 to 600 lumens.The single-side switch can turn on/off the light, change the brightness or switch the mode.It is very suitable for you to wear during short night runs and night rock climbing,and it can easily cope with various dark scenes.

Array 2 weighs only 109 grams and is embedded in the skin-friendly headband.It is light and comfortable to wear.The experience is so comfortable that you can't feel the weight of Array 2 during exercise,and it will not bring resistance to your exercise.Therefore, Array 2 will not put extra pressure on the neck or head, and enjoy the joy of moving lightly.

The side button can change the brightness and switch modes .The lamp head can be rotated to 60 degrees, and the light angle can be flexibly changed.You don't need to adjust the position of your body and neck greatly when wearing the lamp, you can easily change the direction of the light.

The battery pack and the lamp holder are separated.The 1600mAh battery pack can be charged through the popular Type-C port.The red light on the battery pack is both a battery charging indicator and a dynamic safety warning light,which can give out a striking alarm and give warnings to pedestrians and vehicles behind.The signal to escort your safe sports at night.

It also has IPX4 water resistance and 1-meter drop resistance,which can cope with sudden drops and water ingress during exercise.Array 2 is small and durable, it will be a useful lighting tool in the dark.

After talking about ARRAY 2, I have to mention ARRAY 2S with the same excellent performance.

If Array 2 is a rechargeable light weight headlamp,then the highlight of Array 2S is a multi-speed smart sensor headlamp.Intelligence is reflected in light adjustment.In addition to key operation, it also supports smart gesture sensing,which can easily switch modes and brightness without touching.

A variety of lighting modes and gear levels are beyond your imagination.Array 2S has four modes: floodlight, spotlight, eye protection red light, and SOS, a total of ten output gear levels,equipped with a memory function, which perfectly meets the needs of multi-scene use.

Array 2S uses a USB-C rechargeable 2600mAh battery pack that provides up to 1,000 lumens and a maximum operating time of 30 hours.Elastic sweat-proof headband, comfortable to wear all day, separate batteries to balance the weight.Red indicator light The battery pack can also be used as a safety tail light to remind pedestrians and drivers.

The waterproof rating of Array 2S is IPX4, which can prevent splashing around (but not soaking in water).It can also tilt 60 degrees to aim where you need it to avoid frequent bowing and reduce the burden on the neck.

The size difference between Array、Array 2 and Array 2S

So which one is more suitable for you, Array or Array 2 or Array 2S?

Have you already begun to yearn for outdoor sports with your headlamps on?

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Good introduction, I like Olight headlamps.

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