Loyalty Programme Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions:

1. Account registration is mandatory to receive points before you purchase the goods.

2. The loyalty points can be used to upgrade membership levels and will not expire.

3. The points only can be earned by placed orders and are cumulative.

4. There is no expire date for the accumulated points and membership level.

5. If someone applies for a refund after their order placed, points received will also be adjusted.

6. If someone transfer his(her) points to others, his membership level will be adjusted automatically according to his(her) points changed.

7. Only one chance for every client to transfer their points to others in a natural month.

8. We reserve right to cancel orders made by abusing this programme.

9. We reserve the right to cancel this programme at any time.

10. We reserve the right to improve this programme in the future.


Rules of Membership Level:

Dear customers:

Points will be earned from each finished order you spend on Olight South Africa store. (R1=1point) Points will be accumulated constantly in your own account. Points accumulated will promotes you to corresponding membership. You can enjoy your points which give you different privilege according to your membership level.

1. Copper(1990 ≤ P < 4990): Check out this section for free gifts or discounted products!

2. Silver(4990 ≤ P < 19990): Receive promotion information early and participate in flash sales before the rush!

3. Gold(19990 ≤ P < 29990): During the month that you were born, get double the points! (R1 = 2 points).

4. Platinum(29990 ≤ P < 59990): Transfer points to friends and family accounts! If your points are less than the range of points required by the original level, your level and benefits will decrease. The recipient's loyalty points will increase, which may result in a loyalty level boost if the points correspond to a higher level.

5. Diamond(59990 ≤ P): Before launching a new product, test a trial product with a 50% discount! Help us out by providing your experience and suggestions. Please note: these products may require a signed confidentiality agreement to prevent prototype exposure.