Olight 15th Anniversary New Release

Olight 15th Anniversary New Release

Apr 18, 2022, 00:00:00

April is always a big month for Olight and for O-fans. And April 2022 is no exception. This month we celebrate our 15-year anniversary! Not only are there excellent deals to be had, but there are some brand new and exclusive models to discuss and explore. Here's a brief introduction to each of the new models, unveiled as part of the April 2022 15th Anniversary flash sale. Hope this will help you make a great choice on this big event.

iXV Keychain Light

This special edition keychain light is based on the i1R2 Pro, and is being presented in this premium configuration in celebration of Olight's 15-year anniversary. The iXV will only be produced during this time, so be sure to pick one up during the 15th-anniversary sale. The name of course comes from the Roman Numerals for 15, (XV) with the I denoting the series of lights to which it belongs.There are two versions available. The Coral Blue version is made of aluminum and is available for purchase by all customers. There is also a special Raw Titanium edition, available only to VIPs, in the Ofanclub section of the website.

The lights performance will be familiar to fans of Olight's popular keychain light. However, the key difference is the inclusion of a neutral white LED. The tint is pleasant and easy on the eyes, as compared to the cool white LED in the i1r2 Pro. In line with it's upgraded look and feel, comes this upgrade to its usability as well.

TThe body of the light is totally unique. The Titanium version feels substantial in the hand, and the visual details are unlike those used on any Olight so far. The vertical fluted lines carved in the body allow for a useful grip, while also being very attractive. The Olight logo and iXV markings shines bright like a mirror. With the titanium material, the engraved flutes, and beautifully printed logos, the iXV Ti looks like it should contain a set of tools to compliment a finely crafted Swiss watch. Instead, it contains a USB-C rechargeable battery, and the capability to summon up to 180 lumens of neutral white light on your command.

Even the aluminum version, in its stunning Coral Blue color has an air of elegance. With its matte finish, and stark white logos. Both versions are sure to be at home adorning the most bespoke keychains, and the most elegant purses and satchels.

Warrior 3S

Available in both standard Black, and the always popular Gunmetal Grey, the new and improved Warrior 3s is a perfect evolution of the Warrior platform. With the addition of a fully integrated proximity sensor, the light's safety has been increased, with absolutely no decrease in the lights practicality or utility.

As the newest model to incorporate a proximity sensor, Olight has seamlessly integrated this safety feature, without compromising the beam pattern, or performance in any way. The Warrior 3 maintains its 2,300 lumens of max brightness and 300 meters of throw. The sensor, which is visible in the head of the light, has no perceptible impact whatsoever on the signature round hotspot of the Warrior 3s.

The sensor is only active in high and turbo output settings. When active, the sensor drops the output to medium brightness when it detects an obstruction in front of the lense. This prevents the light from overheating if it's accidentally turned on in a pocket, or in any scenario where the light is left on and placed face down near any surface. It also helps avoid light bouncing back into your eyes and blinding you as you're using the light.

A great example of the seemless integration is the built-in method to temporarily disable the proximity sensor. Once the sensor dims the output to medium brightness, you can override the sensor by double tapping the side switch. Now, as long as the light stays on, the sensor is no longer active. This is helpful in heavy rain, or if you're using the light to look through windows. When you turn the light off, the sensor will reactivate, and be standing by to protect you and your gear, in the event of accidental activation.

One further feature that enhances practicality, is the auto-off feature. If an obstruction is detected for more than 60 seconds, the light turns itself off. To reactivate, simply use the tail cap or the side switch as normal. This makes turning the light on again totally seamless. This feature not only prevents overheating but also saves your battery from excess and unintentional usage.

The Warrior 3s retains all the rest of the popular features of the Warrior 3, like tactical mode, lockout mode, two position reversible pocket clip, compatibility with locking remote switches, and Olight's signature multi-indicator. The only other difference compared to the Warrior 3, is the Warrior 3s ships with a less aggressive strike bezel installed. This, along side the proximity sensor makes the Warrior 3s a lot more friendly to carry in your pocket, while still being a formidable tool for self-defense.

Odin GL Mini

This brand new addition to the Odin series of weapons lights is designed to fit a specific niche. For those with a long gun who require a powerful light, with intermediate beam distance, incorporating a fully adjustable green laser, while maintaining a small lightweight footprint. Perfect for a small carbine or sub-gun inspired build. The Olight GL Mini is perfectly fit for purpose.

Fully compatible with Olight's range of locking remote switches, the Olight GL Mini comes with all the mounting hardware required to attach to your firearm's picatinny accessory rail. It also comes with an adjustment key to sight in the green laser. The Odin mounting system allows the light to be quickly released, and with the optional Finger Grip Ring, you can rapidly transition from a light installed on your rig, to a compact handheld light/laser combo which is a very unique capability.

Using a custom-sized battery allows the light to reach its performance goals while maintaining a small footprint. Peak brightness is 1,000 lumens. The second of two brightness settings is 200 lumens, which will run for more than 3 hours of maximum runtime.

The brand new Olight GL Mini fits a specific need that up till now required compromise. Now you can have a full-featured, powerful and reliable weapons light with an adjustable laser, in the exact size you need to fit your specific build.

H05 Lite

Customized specifically for children!

The H05 Lite is a compact and feature-rich headlamp. With a specially developed anti-glare lens, it produces a soft beam to protect your eyesight while conquering important tasks. The stylish appearance is full of vigor and vitality, allowing you to choose between blue and pink for the family. The large top button makes it super easy to switch between white light, red light, and other settings as well. The headlamp can be tilted up to 45 degrees to satisfy any viewing angle you may have. At only 2.30x1.44x1.33in and 2.35oz, you won’t even notice that you’re wearing this tiny and lightweight headlamp! The nylon elastic strap makes it comfortable and safe to wear, and it can easily be adjusted to different head sizes. Simply open the battery compartment with the included key and swap them out on the go! Lightweight, simple, and vibrant, the headlamp is your perfect companion for reading, jogging, walking, camping, and so much more.

Zilla Green

The Oknife Zilla is a stout and versatile folding pocket knife with a modified sheepsfoot blade.Made of 154CM stainless steel, its 3.48-inch blade boasts an HRC60 hardness and excellent edge retention. The wide modified sheepsfoot style shape features a slightly upswept and thickened tip, making this perfect for hunting, camping, animal processing, self defense, and more. This folder adopts a broad and contoured G10 handle with high strength and durability, which allows your hand to operate and deliver force confidently and precisely. Inside the handle is a robust liner lock for a safe lock-up every time. The low-friction ball bearing system enables fast and smooth deployment of the blade. With a deep carry pocket clip, this stout and sharp Oknife Zilla is the perfect overbuilt companion for any daily task.

Warrior Mini 2 CU

Olight's flagship EDC model just got a premium upgrade. The Warrior Mini 2 has been made in many configurations in the past. Some have been very exclusive. This edition offers the opportunity to add another exclusive Warrior Mini 2 to your collection.

Joining a proud line of solid copper Olights, the Warrior Mini 2 Cu edition is a purists dream. Maintaining the standard knurling pattern, each cut feels sharp and precise. This CNC machined copper Olight begins its life shiny like a new penny, but gently over time, this light will become a unique heirloom. Reacting to your hand as you use it, and reacting to the environments in which it serves, to create a patina all its own. This makes the Warrior Mini 2 Cu not only an every day companion, but an accessory that grows with you over time. There are many like it, but there can be no doubt that this one is your's.

The key practical functionality of a copper light is its heat dissipation. Aluminum lights can accumulate heat in the head of the light, where the heat is produced. A body made from copper is a conductor of energy, which disperses the heat evenly along the length of the light. This is good for usability, as the light does not get hot. And good for longevity, as the electronics inside are protected from excess heat. The hidden bonus is that a copper light also doubles as a novelty hand warmer in colder climates like ours!

In addition there are more products new colors: Perun 2 Clover Gradient, Seeker 3 Pro Forest Gradient

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