Hidden Benefits | The Correct Way to Open the Olightstore.co.za

Hidden Benefits | The Correct Way to Open the Olightstore.co.za

Jun 04, 2021, 08:00:00

In this article, we introduce the benefits details one by one, mainly separating in two parts.

Part One | the Benefits of Membership

Until now , we believe you haven’t clearly find out our LOYALTY PROGRAM.
What is the loyalty program?loyalty program is specifically for our loyal customer.

But, how do we enjoy this benefit?
Firstly, Registration or login Olight South Africa store account will be essential as well as the first step.

Secondly, you earn 1 Point for every R1 you spend with the store. The points will be accumulated intelligently, your membership level will be automatically adjusted. The higher the level, the more different privilege.

(The detail content about the privilege of membership level is at the below or click here. )

1. Copper(1990 ≤ P < 4990): Check out this section for free gifts or discounted products!

2. Silver(4990 ≤ P < 19990): Receive promotion information early and participate in flash sales before the rush!

3. Gold(19990 ≤ P < 29990): During the month that you were born, get double the points! (R1 = 2 points).

4. Platinum(29990 ≤ P < 59990): Transfer points to friends and family accounts! If your points are less than the range of points required by the original level, your level and benefits will decrease. The recipient's loyalty points will increase, which may result in a loyalty level boost if the points correspond to a higher level.

5. Diamond(59990 ≤ P): Before launching a new product, test a trial product with a 50% discount! Help us out by providing your experience and suggestions. Please note: these products may require a signed confidentiality agreement to prevent prototype exposure.

I must say the wonderful thing is privilege can be stacked!!!

Part Two | the Benefits of Olight Official Online Store

Only buying the product in the official Olight South Africa store, you possess the product warranty. The warranty period is highest up to 10 years(or click here) and at least 2 years.

Every time, the official Olight South Africa store is offering the flash sale, discount will up to 35% or may be more discount, it depends on every times promotion program. It is possible to get the giveaway when you placed order according the promotion rules. It means the more you buy, the more benefit you get!!!

Last But not Least| Join the Facebook Group

Remember joining our official facebook group, the benefits you will get also.
The quality service: we arrange more than one person to serve you in all day, all you need.

Never miss a hot deal again: our professional colleague send flash sale info, make sure you won’t miss the flash discount.

Win huge giveaways: giveaways will appear from time to time, are you sure you want to miss the surprising gift?

Share your thoughts with O-fans: chatting with friends, communicating the product using methods, there will always be kind person with you, you will never feel alone, likes a big family.

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