Olight Nightour  – Indoor Portable Table Lamp. Warm and colourful, to create a relaxing comfy space.

Olight Nightour – Indoor Portable Table Lamp. Warm and colourful, to create a relaxing comfy space.

Feb 25, 2022, 00:00:00

A good life comes from a sense of inner peace. No one can bring you peace but yourself. Finding a way to create happiness after a busy day is essential for everyone. Our lives are busier than ever with daily tasks, but we should all take time each day to unwind and enjoy a moment of pleasure. Everyone should have a lamp at home. It is a warm source of light, close at hand, to create a comfortable, cozy atmosphere to your home. To fit this need, Olight has introduced a new product category; Olamp.

The Nightour is the first model of the Olamp series. It is a multi-purpose portable table lamp with multi coloured light modes, and warm light mode. Simple and exquisite, and in line with modern home aesthetics. It can be used for indoor lighting, ambient lighting and as a reading light. There are so many uses waiting for you to explore!

Sleek and Stylish

Exquisite Minimalist Metallic Design

The Nightour’s body is made from an aluminum alloy material, with a precisely manufactured array of 2mm holes, designed to distribute diffused light evenly throughout the room. The unique artistic style of the lamp adds a sense of beauty to your space and creates the mood for a moment of relaxation.

Compact and Stable on Smooth Surfaces

Simple and Fashionable

The Nightour Stands 396.4 mm tall and weighs 465 grams, including the removable lamp head. The suction pad base of the Nightour has a diameter of 85mm. This allows it to stand in small spaces and yet still remain secure. There is no need to worry about children or pets accidentally knocking it over. This lamp is very versatile and will accentuate any area of your home nicely!

Warm White + Colourful Lights for a personalized environment

Multiple light mode options

The Nightour’s light stem has 12 built-in warm white LEDs and 12 RBG LEDs, which can produce warm white light, solid colours, and gradient colour light. In solid color mode, the Nightour slowly rolls through a wheel of colour. Use the toggle to freeze the color wheel on any colour in the spectrum, allowing you to pick exactly the shade that is right for your mood.  In color gradient mode, the lamp emits multiple colours at one time. The colors gently cascade from top to bottom like a relaxing waterfall. You can choose to freeze the effect at any moment using the same toggle switch.

The comfortable warm white light (8-60 lumens) is soft and non-blinding. It is dimmable, allowing for a natural transition from dark to light to ensure a convenient night lighting experience.

Two-way toggle switch for infinite dimming

The Nightour uses a two-way toggle switch, which can be controlled with a gentle touch; by toggling up and down you can easily change the colour of the ambient light. Press and hold to adjust the brightness of the light, using infinite dimming. Double tap the toggle to freeze your chosen colour of light. The toggle also supports shortcut to directly access high and low brightness settings.

Infinite dimming allows you to adjust the brightness to create a dynamic and romantic atmosphere in a single space. When the warm white light is at a low setting it is wonderful as a night light, and at high setting is perfect for reading. The colour gradient mode has many options, a perfect centerpiece for a romantic dinner.

Built-in Battery, free from wires

The lamp body has a built-in 4000mAh high-capacity battery which lasts up to 31 hours when fully charged through the USB-C port at the bottom. The charging indicator on the base is red to indicate “charging” and the light is green to indicate that it is fully charged.

When the Nightour is connected to USB power supply, the lamp and the lamp head can be charged at the same time. (Please note: When not connected to the power source the battery in the Nightour lamp does not supply power to the lamp head)

90 degree adjustable

The top of the Nightour includes a very special OLIGHT magnetic charging port that you can rotate up and down 90 degrees. This allows you to choose the most suitable lighting angle to meet your needs. The included lamp head is removable, and can be used in your hand as a flashlight. Turn it on/off with a simple double shake. The lamp head can also be attached to any magnetic surface, and charged using any MC1A charger.

Multi-compatible with other OLIGHT flashlights

When the Nightour is plugged in, the button on the top of the lamp allows for on/off control, as well as infinite dimming of the lamp head.  The magnetic charging port, and the infinite dimming button on top are compatible with the following models, allowing you to customize the lamp to suit your needs:

Compatible charging products are: Obulb, Obulb MC, Obulb MCs, S1R series and Baton 3. Compatible control products are: Obulb, Obulb MC, Obulb MCs, S1R series and Baton 3.

(Please note, the magnetic charging port, and the top button only works when the lamp is plugged in.)

Choose a quiet place and let the Nightour become your companion at night. Whether to light a dark room, read a great book, or set the ambience for the evening. You can personalize and transform your home vibes to suit your needs. The options are limitless. Life should always have a light that is unique to you

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