Product Handbook Overviews

Olight brand new product handbook PDF                                


PL Lights

✭ Baldr Mini: An ultra-compact white light and green beam combo. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ PL-MINI 2 Valkyrie: An compact rechargeable light with an adjustable rail. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ Baldr Pro: A professional lighting tool with green laser sight and white LED. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ Baldr RL: A professional lighting tool with red laser sight and white LED. Learn more⋙⋙


Tactical & Survival Lights

✭ Warrior X Pro: A tactical light powered by 5000mA 21700 battery, supporting magnetic charging. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ M2R Pro Warrior: A tactical flashlight has a power to deliver an 1,800-lumen output and a 300-meter throw. Learn more⋙⋙


Every Day Carry Lights

✭ S1R Baton II: the most popular EDC torch with amazing performance and super portable. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ Perun 2: A powerful and reliable illumination tool for multiple activities in the darkness. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ O'Pen 2: A pen and a light union as well, which can help you write in the dark. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ i5T EOS: A tail switch EDC flashlight powered by a single AA battery. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ Olantern: A reliable outdoor companion with max 360-lumen output and max 80-hour runtime. Learn more⋙⋙
✭ Obulb: A small and exquisite rechargeable LED flashlight, only 1.94oz/55g in weight. Learn more⋙⋙


Search & Rescue Lights

✭ Marauder 2: Max 14000 lumens + 800 meters throw! Learn more⋙⋙
✭ X9R: Highest brightness level Olight ever produced, reaching incredible 25,000 lumens. Learn more⋙⋙