Olight Story

Being in the law enforcement industry for many years I used and always needed a torch but I started getting tired of having torches that stop working or aren't bright enough. I started shopping around and I came across the Olight. About 3 years ago I began my Olight World by purchasing the OlightWarriorX. I was super excited for my parcel, 1 day later it arrived, super fast efficient service!! I stuck it on charge and wow what a quick easy way it was to put of charge. 2 hours later I took it off charge, although it was the afternoon sun was still shining, this torch shone beyond my belief. Went on the same night, WOW, what an amazing product. To date my private Olight World contains 14 Olight Torches, and 4 accessories from the Olight Team. I have come across 2 products with problems, I emailed their Customer service Team and they replied within 15 mins, and I was assisted step by step and guess what.....? Both problems were resolved within 2 hours resulting in it being my own user error, 1. (the tail cap was not on/tight enough) & 2. (I did not read the user manual to figure out how to exit the memorize mode). I have received such amazing service and specials from the Olight Team and I don't think I would change my value for money opinion on the Olight products. The quality of these products have outlasted and still work through every terrain,mission and range day I've participated in and continue to do.


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My Pink Olight Journey