My Olight story

My Olight story begins last year during the last Black Friday funny enough. I had been looking for edc gifts on sale for Christmas and landed on the Olight webpage. I had noticed the variety of edc’s on offer, after doing a lot of research I found that Olight was a internationally renowned edc manufacturer with fans in the USA, Canada and the rest of the world. So this was the beginning of the Love affair / relationship with Olight. I thought I would give them a try and purchased their special offer for the I1R EOS. I waited expecting it not to arrive so quick and surprise my doorbell rang after 1 day and it was the couriers with my first Olight a turquoise I1R EOS, I was so chuffed I had to show the whole family how bright this little light was. It was amazing 😻. I then obtained a S1R baton 2 during Valentine’s Day sale with my second I1R EOS in red. There I was really shocked 😯. What a little monster. Wow 🤩 I then needed a head lamp so next was the Perun 2… it was wooow, this become my EDC. I couldn’t ignore the Perun mini in gold at the next sale, it’s like a jewel 💎 Like my i5T EOS. At home is the Obulb, so useful when without power. Movie night would not be the same without the Obulb MC. My mom has her pink beautiful i3T EOS in support of breast cancer awareness. So from that first turquoise I1R EOS I always make sure I get the i1R EOS at the sales, I wear my Olight t-shirt when ever I can and always boast how great is Olight. Since then I have converted 2 of my colleagues. My wish since the very beginning was the beautiful 😍 Marauder 2 it my dream EDC!!! For me it’s symbolic of the ultimate!!🔦


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My Pink Olight Journey