Healing Journey

Good Day Everyone My daughter Sophia was born in July 2019, without a pulse and showing no signs of life. It took the midwife 20 minutes to revive her but the results were devastating. She is currently diagnosed with extreme brain damage, microcephaly quadriplegic cerebral palsy and I would like to share how Olight is part of het healing journey. Soon after Sophia was born we realized that one if the issues were that her pupils didn't expand or contract with the introduction of light and on the one or two occasions that it did, only the one eye would react and the reactions was extremely slow and delayed. After consulting a teams of doctors from America we were left with a set of exercises which included shining 2000 lumens into her eyes for a second, then out for a second, for 30 seconds, 4 times a day. Having these exercises to do, we had to look for the perfect torch with the following checklist: small, light weight, rechargeable, max 2000 lumens output and adjustable light output. With this in mind and searching high and low, we settled on the Olight Baton Pro. this little torch was perfect in every way and I am happy to share that within the first six months we got both the pupils expanding and contracting together and now 12 months later, they are reacting within split seconds, every time, with no delay. Thank you Olight for being part of my daughter Sophia's healing journey


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