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My Olight journey started around 2 and a half years ago with my very first lights being a PL Mini 2 (Black) and a i1R2 EOS (Black). Roughly a year later I bought my first EDC light that I still carry till this day! One of my all time favourites ...the S1R Baton II and it's in ORANGE🙌🏼🔥 with that I also received a i5T EOS ( OD Green )! This is by far my two most favourite colours😁 Sadly I lost my i5T in the field a couple of months back🙈 And in April I upgraded my PL Mini 2 with a Baldr Mini (Desert Tan)! Wowwww! What a great little light! Also got me a M2R Pro Warrior (Grey)🙌🏼 There is probably not a better light to use in the darkest situations 🔦 With that being said I received a very awesome gift from Olight... the Warrior X Pro (Black) Just an incredibly great light for the outdoorsman 🔦🙌🏼 I use it with my hunting rifle🔫 During my time as an Ofan😂I also got a few i1R2 's in multiple colours. The Mint Green I gave to my fiancé to put on her car keys , (Black) x2 that I use on my house keys and the other one I gave to my father for his bakkie 🔦 But my favourite one is the OFan Day Orange edition 🔥🔦that I use on my bakkie keys. Just a great little add-on and very helpful. My last accessory that I got was the Oport wich is just the coolest thing ever!🙌🏼 Charge on the go🤣 I just absolutely love all my Olight products... Now it's your turn! As Olight always say ....Illuminate your world🔦🙌🏼 #OlightSouthAfrica


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My Pink Olight Journey