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#Energy & Light = Olight. My relationship with light & lighting has been going back for many years, being involved in the industry & seeing the development & potential of LED when things where really getting interesting and how fast we had to get onboard regarding LED Tech. My Story with Olight began when i was looking for a tactical light with laser function to fit onto my Glock, after countless YouTube video's & reviews i finally decided on Olight & the BALDR Pro and i really liked the green laser to! :-) So made up my mind & Googled Olight South Africa found a dedicated website & address so far so good, didn't want to buy something & not have any backup. This was last year October or so 2020 I decided to wait and see if any Blackfriday deals was going to happen and boy O boy did it happen & just snowballed from there in a GOOD WAY i ended up with everything i needed and things i wanted with the benefit of Blackfriday deals & discounts! After receiving the products & the quality of packaging i was so so happy i knew this company cared about its products & reputation. One year later and another Blackfriday happening with things I want & need a Snowball effect has already started & if it wasn't for the product being so Damn Good & the fact that i use it daily i would not be back buying again.!!! In the pictures you can see how far we came from when my grandfather & me walked around in the bushveld with the filament torches that had no mercy for batteries and only gave you toasty yellow light to find your way in the dark...Good times non the less. The pictures with a whole lot of things happening is basically my EDC to the extreme, from rechargeable radio to energy drinks & fizzy Zink tabs, bags & cases to keep stuff in & even a small Honda generator power bank to charge my Olights up when needed. All of this is with a purpose as i am moving to our family farm in the bushveld (see pic) starting on a new journey, Olight will play a CRITICAL role in my safety & daily life on the farm as there is no electricity currently & planning off-grid living that will take some time to get things up & running. My daily uses for Olight i1R 2 when i give my dogs goodnight biscuits. Warrior X when they bark and you know somethings UP and you have to see what's cooking ASAP Perun 2 for fishing & when a good flood light is needed its my GO 2 SIR BATON 2 as i call it stays comfy in my camera bag and makes his appearance for use more often for such a small guy & he packs a punch in the dark. Javelot Turbo when i want to see what animals are roaming around at night or calling for BATMAN with a beam of light up into the night sky. BALDR Pro stays married to my Glock no divorcing there & better be up to anything at night no headache excuses will be excepted. Odin is getting her partner soon in the form of a Micro Roni GEN 4 it will be a wonderful wedding day! last but not least is the i5T EOS without saying goes into every bag, car, boat or bike and makes a wonderful really handy present to. So Olight Fans hope you enjoy my side of owning Olight and nobody can tell us its simply another torch jou M%*R is a torch. Have a safe wonderful festive season.


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