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My Olight Journey began one year ago this month! All Olight family up to now, I didn't realize I collect so many of them, here is my love. Recently I viewed a Youtube video of the Baldr S Valkyrie and watched some other reviews and decided to purchase the BK version to match my new handgun! It's a Springfield Hellcat. I purchased direct from the olightstore.co.za site using a coupon code save 10% then waited for delivery. After a couple weeks and without any shipping information I decided to try and contact customer support to see where my new light was. There was no phone number to call and I didn't know about the chat feature at the time, so I sent an email. Received a response in a couple days and was told it would ship soon! I think it arrived a couple weeks later but I really liked the quality of the light and how it worked with my Hellcat! Surprisingly, the delayed shipping with my very first order didn't discourage me from Olight! I found their Facebook page and joined and also registered with olightstore.co.za when I saw the Clearance sale scheduled! I liked what I was seeing in the Facebook Group and decided to share in the experience! I learned about Olight history and started collecting many of the cool lights from the past. Meeting lots of great folks virtually as I expanded my collection. I began to take advantage of the regular monthly flash sales to purchase new lights and chose to share many of those purchases with family and friends as gifts. The Obulbs I purchased on Ofan Day sale were a hit with my family! I love the support that Olight and members of the Facebook Group show one another. And I enjoy sharing these awesome lights with family & friends. There's a genuine spirit of support and helpfulness that I really enjoy most within the group and the caring nature of the entire Olight South Africa Team is special indeed! Keep up the good work Olight!!!


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