Christmas wish list

Twas the night of Christmas, and at the North pole, Santa was ready to rock and to roll, He loaded his sleigh and he packed all his wares, For children, for adults and those in pairs, On dasher, on dancer, on prancer, and all, To deliver to the world, those big and small, Europe and Africa, Brazil and China, Even small villages near Carolina He delivered to all the cities and towns on his map, He stopped in South Africa to check his App, As he was confused, he just couldn't find, Any lights to help him, he was flying blind, Eskom was load shedding at this time, So Santa was cautious as he did climb, But we were prepared, we know Eskom's tricks, To the chimney an O-light we did affix, When Santa came down, he found the the torch waiting, An O-light baton 3, was his for the taking, We lined up the cookies and left milk in the hope, That St. Nick would leave presents, in the dark he would cope, He tiptoed around, tried not to make noise, He tripped in the dark, stumbled over some toys, The freezer defrosted, he slipped in the puddle, Thank you to Eskom, he made quite a muddle, In the morning we found, gifts under the tree, Some of them broken, all except three, I opened my gift box and a note inside it said, "It was dark and I slipped, it fills me with dread, Your O-light is shattered, it got smashed, I landed on top of it when I did crash, My head is hurting, I've injured my back, I'll send you my doctor's bills, they'll be a stack" Christmas was bad so I am asking you please, to make me a winner, and replace my o-light baton 3


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My Pink Olight Journey