Tactical Flashlight in the revolutionary Odin WML series: Odin Turbo

Tactical Flashlight in the revolutionary Odin WML series: Odin Turbo

Jan 07, 2022, 04:00:00

A Revolutionary Odin WML Series

The Odin Turbo is Olight’s first-ever LEP tactical flashlight in our revolutionary Odin WML series. It adopts the latest LEP technology to achieve an unbelievable 1,050-meter beam distance with 330 lumens of output, while only slightly larger than the original Odin. The Odin Turbo also includes some of our most innovative and useful features including a customized 5000mAh 21700 battery, MCC3 charging cable, vibration battery indicator, and two-stage tactical tail switch. With a beam like a lightsaber, solid build, and practical accessories, the Odin Turbo is the best ultra-range WML option on the market.

Revolutionary LEP Light Source

The Odin Turbo takes the lead to meet the Class 1 standard as an eye-safe LEP light, delivering a much more concentrated, steady, and even output than LED lights. 1,050-meter throw with nearly no-spill based on 330 lumens, making it easy to penetrate smoke and fog. Extremely sharp and precise beam for hunting, positioning, and tactical use.

Multifunctional Tailcap

Innovative push-to-lock magnetic remote switch (Utility Patent No.: US10670252B1) for a swift and tight fit with the tailcap. The magnetic end of the remote switch is enhanced by a quick push-to-lock mechanism. In addition, the tail switch also includes a two-level tactical switch: high or low, momentary-on or constant-on; a single tail switch for your instinctive operations.

Safe and Reliable

Simple To Use Picatinny Mount. Innovative rotate-to-lock system to attach or detach the light instantly. Two dedicated slots to hold the light safely and reliably in your preferred position.

Reliable Customized Battery

The Odin Turbo is powered by a customized 5000mAh 21700 battery with a max runtime of 7.5 hours, charging current is up to 2A. Charge easily with the included MCC3 magnetic USB charging cable.

Odin GL M VS Odin
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Denzil Oellermann

The Odin turbo seems awesome! Defiantly adding one of these to my Wishlist!

Posted on: Jan 07, 2022, 07:42:42