Warrior 3---Pushing Tactical Performance Boundaries

Warrior 3---Pushing Tactical Performance Boundaries

Mar 07, 2022, 05:10:00

Warrior 3---Pushing Tactical Performance Boundaries

As an EDC tactical flashlight, the M2R Pro stands out for its lean straight barrel shape and strong performance. Some people like the three-dimensional textured body, while others like the tactical qualities such as the aggressive strike bezel or dual switch options.


Compared to its predecessor, the Warrior 3 flashlight has many upgrades. Some improvements include: New LED with TIR Optic Lens; Increased Performance and Output; Visual Brightness and Battery Level Indicator Button; Upgraded & Multi-Functional Tail Switch.

The Warrior 3 flashlight is compact, lightweight and versatile. While structured for use in tactical operations such as security guards, military and law enforcement, it does have many other applications like hunting and camping too. It has exquisite workmanship and the aluminum body has a military standard three-stage anodized treatment. This model is available in Black, Desert Camouflage and Scarlet Gradient on our website currently.

You can select your desired setting by using the upgraded side switch. The 4 level battery and brightness indicators are located around the side switch and give you a quick visual as to the flashlight's status. This convenient side switch also allows access to the 6 different outputs available which include energy-saving moonlight mode and a deterring strobe mode. Another upgrade is a stainless steel pressure ring around the side button, which helps protect it and increase the durability as well.

The aggressive strike bezel not only adds to the style of this light, but also can be used in the event of an emergency too. The sharp edges can even break through the bark of a tree in 3 strokes.

Its cool white LED paired with the TIR optic lens delivers up to 2300 lumens on the highest setting. This increased performance also allows for a throw of 300 meters. Another upgrade is the use of the SFT-70X-W lamp bead. It is new in the flashlight industry and the Warrior 3 is the first OLIGHT equipped with this lamp bead.

The Tactical Tail Switch features a dual pressure design that allows access to Turbo or Strobe with a single press. It supports two levels of operation: light press and heavy press. A light press turns the flashlight on for a quick second whereas a heavy press will leave it on until pressed again.

The tail-cap on the Warrior 3 has also been updated and is now compatible with our dual-button magnetic remote switch that has a patented push-to-lock system. This allows the user to control the Warrior 3 as a WML, much like its use on the Odin flashlight. Using the remote switch you can change the level of brightness and it gives flexible faster operation of the light.

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